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Mug Cake - As Requested!

[by Dane Shitagi]

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Pirouettes 1. Spot - I know some people think you can get around without spotting, and that’s fine for singles and doubles. But try to do more than that and you will get dizzy and fall over. Focus on a single thing, and try to hold it for as long as you can before whipping your head around 2. Arms - Keep your arms steady with out making them stiff. Stiff arms will make it harder to go around, but floppy arms will throw off your balance. 3. Plié - Your plié is your momentum. It is what gets you around.  4. Releve - Make sure that your front foot is flat on the ground until it is time to releve and turn. A lot of people put their front foot in forced arch without knowing it. 5. Strong center - Pull up in your core when turning. This will help you keep your balance.
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